Welcome! --> (Please Read This Before Posting)

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Welcome! --> (Please Read This Before Posting)

Postby Silver Moon on Sun Feb 25, 2007 8:28 pm

Hello Fellow Japan/Sylvian fans!

Greetings! And a big warm welcome from us to the Japan/Sylvian website and forum! I hope you enjoy yourself here! First, I will let you know the advantages of what you can do here.

- You can upload any pictures you have relating to Japan/David Sylvian in the photo gallery!
- You also have your own photo gallery where you can upload pictures of yourself, your dog-an empty soda can... Whatever you want!
- You can also rank pictures if you like.
- Create your own polls.
- Chat with other members online in the chat box!
- Upload your own avatar, or use one in the avatar gallery.
- Sit back and relax while watching a video from our Video Player! (Registered members only)
- Don't fret- We are a very friendly crew! Whether you have noob questions, obscure questions, or goofy comments... It's cool!


As with every board, there are rules. I would really appreciate it if you follow them. (Generic rules are in Forum Help & Info)

1. No flaming - A little teasing is ok- But seriously nasty posts will be taken off the boards immediately... Along with the poster.

2. No flaming Japan/David Sylvian - Criticism is fine, but if you have just signed up to rag on them (Which I can't even fathom) Your butt will be out of here before you can even say "Get the h*ll out."

3. No Offensiveness - No explicit junk. Please try to keep the language to PG-13, and don't post any offensive pictures. (If you have to post an explicit picture, for example, say you want to post Japan's cardboard sword, link to it in a post, and make sure to warn people that they may find it offensive)

4. No stupid typing - In other words, don't type like you only have 5 keys on your keyboard. "U" isn't "You," "bcuz" isn't "because" and It's much easier to just type "My" then "Mai." But don't worry- Typo's are forgiven.

5. No gigantic signatures - We all love signatures. I love signatures. But please try to keep them at a decent size. I would say no bigger then 150h X 600w... Though I doubt you'll be kicked off if it happens to be 151 pixels high. Also, make sure to keep your avatars 100 x 100 or less.

6. No soliciting - If you just signed up here to push 'Viagra', Weight-Loss pills or something else... You won't find any customers here. Don't even bother signing up because I will delete you before you know what hit you. And as for you porno people... Just leave... Forever.

7. Engish Only - Please keep this forum English only. If you would like to type to others in a different language, please use our handy-dandy private messaging system!

8. No obsessing - ... Just kidding.

9. Have Fun! - This is what this is here for! Have fun! Talk about whatever you want! (As long as it's in the right category) Obsess over whatever you want to! Music, Artwork, Items... Er... Members...

Thank you again for signing up! Enjoy yourselves,



-Silver Moon-
Silver Moon
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