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Postby ibehre on Sun May 25, 2014 12:38 pm


New member here!

Suppose I can't claim to be the greatest Japan fan there is (I only ever got to see them the one time), but they've made quite an impression on me.

Decided to join mostly in the hope of finding other musicians inspired by Japan (or its members) through here - To listen to, or perhaps even work with. I know that there must be quite a number of them out there, but I've found it difficult to find them. I guess it's that, since the guys in Japan are all such great musicians, they've influenced many - But since there's been a number of decades since the split up, both they and those they've influenced have moved on and are all making other music today (not everyone is a stuck in the past, musically, as I am - I guess that's probably a good thing, for the most part though…).

I think it's sad though if there should be no new music that sounds at least a bit like the Japan of old. I, for one would very much like to hear it!
If you know of any acts that makes music like that - Please let me know!
I'd very much like to give them a listen.

In fact, since I'm active on SoundCloud and have struggled a bit to find Japan inspired music there too - I've tried to do my bit by starting a group there which I hope will attract some acts that make music like that. Hopefully that will take of so others will have an easier time of finding this music than I've had.

If you're interested in being a part of this new group, you can find it here:
If you'd like to listen to the music posted there, I'd recommend going for its mirror user (users have better functionality than groups in SC, especially in he app), that reposts all tracks added to the group:

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