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PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:57 am
by digimarsh
every now and then i take the time to listen to Japan's 5 studio albums back to back in chronological order , just to remind myself ,you know.
Anyway amongst all the nostalgia( has it really been 30 years, since i began with this) is a genuine dissection of the output , a pouring over it all , an inspection in minute detail once again. Conclusions i reached this time are;

Quiet Life; is this the best album of all time , could it be ? how could such a young group of guys produce such a striking record , such maturity .the other side of life , what a song. Fall in love with me , never heard anything like it back then or since.

Obscure alternatives; a very compelling listen on so many levels, side 2 (of the original LP) right up there .The Tennent wonderfull ,captivating. I always want to listen to this album again straight after , feel like i need more time so to speak.

Adolescent Sex; I can not decide about this album 30 years on, it's not bad but there seems to be something missing?

More to follow............