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Re: Mick Karn and cancer

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:17 am
by sisterlondon
jakko m. jakszyk - kingdom of dust (mp3 download)

Dating from 1994, Jakko M.Jakszyk's Kingdom Of Dust represented an accessible and melodic fusion of Pop sensibilities and Art Rock ambition that found Jakko working alongside the ever-inventive trio of Jansen, Barbieri and Karn (ex-Japan/Rain Tree Crow).

For this special download edition, all proceeds will be donated to the Mick Karn Appeal.

An extra track, Fly, has been included. Originally written at the time of the Kingdom Of Dust sessions, the piece has recently been completed by Jakko and Richard Barbieri especially for this release.

'Literate adult pop with more than a sprinkle of luscious art-rock atmosphere.' Misfit City


Last year the charming people at Burning Shed informed me that all the physical CD copies of 'Kingdom Of Dust' had sold out, and suggested making it available again as a download. Not being enamoured of the download concept and assuming there was little interest to justify a re-print, I declined this well meant offer.

As some of you may know, earlier this year Mick Karn was diagnosed with a terrible illness and subsequently a fund was set up to help both Mick and his family through this awful time. It seemed entirely appropriate, therefore, to release 'Dust' as a download with all the proceeds going to Mick's appeal.

I also wondered if we might somehow be able to include an extra track, as I remembered that many years back I had started work on a piece with Richard Barbieri. I managed to find it in the archive and reassembled what we'd done. I then added some new guitars and sent it to Richard for his approval. He came back with a number of suggestions. Adding to the rhythm parts and the suggestion of some editing. He also wondered if I might be able to turn this instrumental piece into a song. This is what we have done.

A piece started around the time of the original 'Kingdom Of Dust' and completed many years later, it's simply entitled 'Fly' and adds an extra 6 minutes of music to the original mini album.

For my pal Mick.

Jakko ... t/29/2353/

Re: Mick Karn and cancer

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:54 pm
by pinenut
thanks for the heads up. Just downloaded this. never heard of this project before, does anyone have anymore info about it back from 94 ?

Re: Mick Karn and cancer

PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:27 am
by sisterlondon
What I found in Wiki:

Around the time of Level 42's disbandment, Jakko was introduced to three ex-members of Japan - Richard Barbieri, Mick Karn and Steve Jansen - who were considering forming another band following the disintegration of their post-Japan project Rain Tree Crow. Although the musical combination of the four players worked well and led to a lasting musical friendship, it did not result in a full-time band project. The results of the collaboration were released - under Jakko's name - as the 1994 EP Kingdom of Dust, on the new art-rock/progressive rock label Resurgence.

Re: Mick Karn and cancer

PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:11 am
by digimarsh
My thoughts are with Mick ,i hope he can beat this

Re: Mick Karn and cancer

PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:00 am
by dconnery1966
Does anybody know how Mick is getting on,does anybody
have any updates on his genaral health at the moment :?
all the best Dougie :D

Re: Mick Karn and cancer

PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:31 am
by inkinthewell
From Mick's site:

...a show of love, respect & grace - a tribute to Mick Karn

. ...a show of love, respect & grace - a tribute to Mick Karn, to be released digitally via the council on September 28, features sixteen captivating tracks from an array of renowned artists all determined to repay the artistic debt they feel is owed to Mick.

"Mick Karn has been a huge influence on my entire body of work, both in Japan and as a solo artist," explains Italian composer, musician, and sonic architect Eraldo Bernocchi, who helped to rally contributors for ...a show of love, respect & grace. "Helping him in a moment like this is a way to thank him for all he did for music. It's a small gesture, but it comes from inside my heart. When you hear the call, you must act - and fast, too..." Indeed, the speed with which the ambitious collection was assembled is astounding. "When I started making calls and sending emails to see about getting contributions for the album," recalls Howard Wulkan, founder of the council, "the response was overwhelming. Over an hour and a half of music; some of it exclusive to the collection, came together almost instantly. As a digital-only release, the collection is able to bypass the more cumbersome physical distribution channels and will begin raising much-needed money for Karn very quickly."

"When asked to contribute a track," explains Colin Edwin, bassist of the acclaimed progressive rock group Porcupine Tree, "I had no hesitation in doing so, having been a fan of Mick's unique work for many years. I choose the track 'Plural' since it seemed appropriate to have something with both prominent fretless bass and also an odd-time signature; both elements that are associated with Mick's own highly-distinctive music. As a bassist, I count him as an influence, although he is by far, too exceptionally original to copy."

...a show of love, respect & grace - a tribute to Mick Karn will be available at digital outlets beginning September 28, 2010, with all net proceeds going directly to Karn. Full tracklist is as follows:

Brainkiller - "Michaelsketch"
Climax Golden Twins - "Crint"
Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) - "Plural"
David Torn - "Renaissance Mensch (dt for mk)"
Edward Ka Spel - "Hauptbahnhof"
Elijah B Torn - "what"
Eraldo Bernocchi - "Dreamt Of Dreaming"
Eraldo Bernocchi - "The Ship"
Eraldo Bernocchi - "No Turning Back"
Kllu - "Unthink"
Martin Schulte - "Angels"
Meditronica - "Ki Eshmera Shabbat (Gaudi Remix)"
Peter Gannon (Calla) - "For MK"
The Mantra Above The Spotless Melt Moon - "Blanca"
The Mantra Above The Spotless Melt Moon - "The Ship"
Witchman (featuring Rosanne) - "No More"

It will be available online at iTunes, Rhapsody, Zune, Amazon and all other digital retailers

As a footnote from us - we'd like to thank everyone who was involved in this release, as we would everyone who has raised or donated money for the Appeal. Thank you so very much - it's incredibly heartwarming.

Posted: 23rd September 2010

Re: Mick Karn and cancer

PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:19 pm
by angel-a
David Torn posted his track at the below link: ... p?t=780060

The information on the release of '...a show of love, respect & grace' can be found at the below link (really cool design): ... index.html

Release Date: 28 September 2010

Re: Mick Karn and cancer

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 12:52 am
by neonico
How is mick doing?.... havent heard anything for a while hope hes doing ok

Re: Mick Karn and cancer

PostPosted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:31 pm
by inkinthewell
Here's what Rich said about Mick in an interview to 2-Up Top (see topic):
Sadly it was announced earlier this year that Mick Karn had cancer and was also in financial trouble. How is he currently doing?
He's back in London now and living very near the hospital where he is receiving treatment. Despite his serious condition he remains positive and wants to make some new music.

Re: Mick Karn and cancer

PostPosted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:29 pm
by sisterlondon
This interview is at least 2 months old (I think it was posted at the beginning of September in the PT forum). So things could be different now...

Re: Mick Karn and cancer

PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:30 am
by sisterlondon
Concert for raising money for Mick in Valencia! (my city) with a band formed by members of new wave bands from back of the 80's in here. Sounds interesting, hope I can go! ... 0913665090

sábado, 18 de diciembre a las 23:00 - 19 de diciembre a las 4:00
Polo y Peylorón-15
Valencia, Spain

Concierto benéfico para ayudar a uno de los mas singulares bajistas de la historia del pop (Mick Karn), aquejado de un cáncer en estado avanzado(
Junto con David Sylvian formaron una de las mejores bandas británicas de los 80: JAPAN
Para esta ocasión única se han juntado artistas de gran trayectoria musical que han crecido con la música del grupo.
Hans Diener (The Essence)
Jose Luis Macias (Comité Cisne-Glamour)
Remi Carreres (Comité Cisne-Glamour)
Puchi Balanzá (Video)
Jorge Moreno (sound & vision)
+ invitados…
Disc-jockeys-sorpresas- merchandising
Tributo a la música de Japan, Dali´s Car, Ruichi Sakamoto, Robert Fripp, Midge Ure…….
Entrada Libre hasta completar aforo- donativo voluntario.