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Under A Spell - New solo-album

PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2020 3:41 pm
by Quiet Visitor
Next year Richard will release a new solo-album, called Under A Spell.

Burning Shed-info:

Under A Spell is the atmospheric 2021 release from keyboard innovator, Richard Barbieri.

Intent on spontaneously capturing textures and moods rather than slaving over arrangements and melodies, on Under A Spell Richard presents a set of dream-like, yet sharply defined compositions.

Barbieri says, “I wrote and recorded the album in my studio at home, with all the strangeness of the Covid-19 pandemic going on outside. As a result, it became something completely different for me: this weird, self-contained dream-state album.”

The album’s title perfectly encapsulates the haunting world Barbieri has created. Songs such as the skittering, billowing Clockwork and Sketch 6 (with its dub-inspired soundscape) hang suspended in a strange half-world between sleep and waking - a subconscious reflection of the surreal state the planet has found itself in over recent months.

There are voices but no vocals, collaborators include Marillion frontman Steve Hogarth and Swedish singer Lisen Rylander Love.

Barbieri's willingness to constantly redefine his own musical boundaries are more evident than ever on Under A Spel, which represents another milestone on an utterly unique journey.

CD edition presented in a digipak with an 8 page colour booklet.
Also available on LP.

Re: Under A Spell - New solo-album

PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2021 2:58 pm
by Quiet Visitor
Here's some promotional information on the album, which b.t.w. reached me last week.

RICHARD BARBIERI Shares Video For “Flare 2”
RICHARD BARBIERI Shares Video For “Flare 2” Taken From His New Solo Album UNDER A SPELL

Richard Barbieri has shared a new visual for “Flare 2” to mark the release of his new solo album UNDER A SPELL through Kscope. Boasting a groundbreaking career that began in the late 70s with synth-pop visionaries Japan and more recently as a member of influential art-rock band Porcupine Tree, UNDER A SPELL is the first full length solo record from Richard Barbieri since 2017’s Planets + Persona.

Taking place over a period of nine minutes, “Flare 2” is a sprawling and evolving soundscape of synths, trumpets and intriguing classical instrumentation. Indicative of the bold and progressive composition and production of Richard’s work on UNDER A SPELL, “Flare 2” now has an equally enthralling visualiser courtesy of animator Matthew Entecott.


Released today, UNDER A SPELL was originally intended as Barbieri’s fourth solo album and a direct follow up to its predecessor, 2016’s Planets + Persona. That record, made in different studios across Europe and heavily incorporating live performances from a range of musicians, was adventurous and bold, showcasing Barbieri’s endlessly inventive song writing and mastery of electronic music. The follow-up would pick up where it left off, journeying further into the expansive terrain he mapped out on the previous record. And then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and everything changed. “I wrote and recorded it in my studio at home, with all this strangeness going on outside,” says Barbieri of UNDER A SPELL. “It became something completely different: this weird, self-contained dream-state album.”

Barbieri's willingness to constantly redefine his own musical boundaries are never more evident than on the brilliant, hypnotic UNDER A SPELL – the latest milestone on this utterly unique journey.

Videos available from UNDER A SPELL:
“Flare 2” -
“Serpentine” -

UNDER A SPELL is out now on CD, gatefold double black vinyl LP, limited edition gatefold double red vinyl LP (exclusive to the Kscope store) and digitally available HERE (
(Please note in North America the retail release is 5th March and in Germany 12th March)

Praise for UNDER A SPELL:
“Its in Richard Barbieri’s solo work that a gift for painting with sound finds full fruition” – Uncut
“Atmospheric, jazz-inflected art-prog” - Classic Pop
“a crossover combination between Tangerine Dream’s Zeit and David Bowie’s Low.” – Echoes & Dust

Follow Richard Barbieri:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, Billy James, PH: 1-828-350-8158 (US),