Steve drumming on two albums

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Steve drumming on two albums

Postby inkinthewell on Sun May 15, 2011 6:07 am

Steve has recorded drums for portuguese singer Susana Felix's latest album "Procura-se", and for Hugh Carswell i'anson project which is being edited and mixed.
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Re: Steve drumming on two albums

Postby Blemished on Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:02 pm

Not sure if this has been posted before but Hugh Carswell has a blog - Journals from Jura. I've just spotted a posting called 'Remote working with Steve Jansen'. It discusses how the two of them collaborated - this is the link:

One paragraph really jumped out for me - it mentions that Steve has been over in the US working with David in the Samadhi Sound studio. Anybody have any idea what they might be working on? A new 9H album? Steve's second or a new DS project?

And being a studio nerd, the photo of Steve's drums suggests they still might be using the same building that Blemish and the Nine Horses work was recorded in. In any event, given the timing of the blog this must have been fairly recent.

There are two sets of recordings. Firstly, those made by Steve at his place in London, which are mostly recordings of him playing, which are then sampled and programmed. I had also sent through samples of ambient Jura sounds which I had recorded; winds, water, stones, shells etc… which he could incorporate. Secondly, studio sessions to record his live drumming parts. By happy co-incidence around the same time Steve was in New Hampshire working with his brother at his Samadhisound Studio, so we were able to record all the live takes there. The fare for me to fly out and join him wasn’t in the budget, but actually when I thought about it, because of the process we had already gone through, I realised that there was no reason why I needed to be there anyway. Steve sent a few photos so that I could see what instruments he was playing (see above) and my duties were limited to technical support back in Jura, sending appropriate files through when required. My absence also gave me that first shiver of excitement when hearing the work when I received it a few weeks later – a good barometer of whether you’re on to something!
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