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Postby Chet on Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:22 am

great job Paul
always a pleasure...
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Postby heartofdavid on Sun Jul 06, 2008 12:29 pm

Thank you, Paul.

8Beat Gag is a magazine, ran for at least 9 issues but I think the different comics kept going on the web - there used to be a website which included music stars from the 90s.

The main David/Ryuichi comic was serialized in Ongaku Senka for many years, and in the storyline it seems the attraction was mutual - after Akiko gave her approval of the relationship (one of the storylines, very funny). Subsequent stories were about rivals for either of the duo's affections - one that comes to mind is Bowie going after Ryuichi, and Bowie and David doing a serenade sing-off in a restaurant - but always with a happy resolution. Steve was paired with Takahashi in this same comic, although that subplot came a little later. David's appearance changes over time, until he is shown as a glasses wearing, natural hair colour, long hair in a ponytail...housewife type of figure (lol) usually shown in an apron, cooking or cleaning.

There are other strips in 8Beat Gag with Japan, again repeated in every issue. One is with mid-period Japan, appears to be a David/Mick pairing, with a reluctant Mick. Another is Adolescent Sex era Japan, group adventures of a comedic, slightly horror/adventure type plots. These looks to be drawn by different artists. There are also panel strips and other variations.

In the center of the some of the issues that I have, the main story comic artist is photographed with Ryuichi, Akiko and a few times with Steve (shaking her hand while holding a drawing of his cartoon character). I gather these pages are artist interviews.

I only wish I could understand the comics - only so much that can be guessed at.
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