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All Time Faves List

Postby Tin Bird on Wed Feb 04, 2015 1:47 pm

OK, just trying to liven things up a bit here.... :-} This is my list of all-time favorite albums in no particular order:

Secrets of the Beehive - David Sylvian
Brilliant Trees - David Sylvian
Dead Bees on a Cake - David Sylvian
Plight and Premonition - David Sylvian and Holger Czukay
Snow Bourne Sorrow - Nine Horses
Field of Reeds - These New Puritans
Antidotes - Foals
Total Life Forever - Foals
YOY - Like a Stuntman
Noble Beast - Andrew Bird
Sex - Telex
Jordan: The Comeback - Prefab Sprout
The Weighing of the Heart - Colleen
Apropos Cluster - Moebius and Roedelius
Old Land - Cluster and Brian Eno
Sowiesoso - Cluster
Curiosum - Cluster
Come on Feel the Illinois - Sufjan Stevens
The Age of Adz - Sufjan Stevens
Present Tense - Wild Beasts
Smother - Wild Beasts
Laughing Stock - Talk Talk
Spirit of Eden - Talk Talk
The Colour of Spring - Talk Talk
Computer World - Kraftwerk
Radioactivity - Kraftwerk
The Man Machine - Kraftwerk
Freedom of Choice - DEVO
Duty Now for the Future - DEVO
The Bachelor - Patrick Wolf
Wind in the Wires - Patrick Wolf
Black Celebration - Depeche Mode
Some Great Reward - Depeche Mode
Counterfeit e.p. - Martin Gore
Paradise Circus - The Lilac Time
And Love for All - The Lilac Time
Astronauts - The Lilac Time
I Love My Friends - Stephen Duffy
Remain in Light - Talking Heads
More Songs About Buildings and Food - Talking Heads
Talking Heads 77 - Talking Heads
Diary of a Hollow Horse - China Crisis
Flaunt the Imperfection - China Crisis
Working with Fire and Steel - China Crisis
The Circle and the Square - Red Box
Motive - Red Box
The Love that Whirls(Diary of a Thinking Heart) - Bill Nelson
Chimera - Bill Nelson
Trial by Intimacy - Bill Nelson
Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights - Bill Nelson
Simplex - Bill Nelson
Luminous - Bill Nelson
Heartbreakland - Bill Nelson
Big Science - Laurie Anderson
Strange Times - The Chameleons
Tony Fletcher Walked on Water - The Chameleons
Ocean Rain - Echo and the Bunnymen
Heaven Up Here - Echo and the Bunnymen
Turn on the Bright Lights - Interpol
Antics - Interpol
Sgt. Pepper - The Beatles
Revolver - The Beatles
Rubber Soul - The Beatles
Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles
Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
Under the Flag - Fad Gadget
Gag - Fad Gadget
Thursday Afternoon - Brian Eno
Music for Airports - Brian Eno
Wrong Way Up - Brian Eno and John Cale
Shouting at the Ground - :zoviet-france:
Look Into Me - :zoviet-france:
Just an Illusion - :zoviet-france:
Skylarking - XTC
La Petite Mort - James
Laid - James
Black Market Clash - The Clash
Digital Cowboy - Our Daughters Wedding
Icehouse - Icehouse
An End Has a Start - Editors
Jamboree - Guadalcanal Diary
Sue - Frazier Chorus
Get the Knack - The Knack
But the Little Girls Understand - The Knack
When I was a Boy - Jane Siberry
This is Stina Nordenstam - Stina Nordenstam
True Colours - Split Enz

I am sure there are many more...but that gives a fairly good idea...:-)
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