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Second Variants

Postby Quiet Visitor on Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:03 am

January 29th Richard Barbieri will release his second Variants-album:

is a new composition and a piece that I would like to fully orchestrate one day if finances allow. Inspired by soundtracks of the 70’s (that were in turn inspired by 40’s and 50’s film noir) and in particular “Chinatown” and the desolation behind the eyes of Faye Dunaway. I found by chance a spoken poem on a sample site that resonated with this and with kind permission I use some of these words at the start and end of this track. Sophie Worthen - Spoken Words. Suzanne Barbieri - Sampled Voices. RB - Music

2. RIME (6:29)
is a new piece where each component has a different tempo and plays randomly in relation to all the other overdubs. Occasionally some parts will sync or unite and then fall into randomness. The temptation to leave the the outro section running for the length of this EP was great.

3. NIGHT OF THE HUNTER part 2 (6:55)
Recorded live at St Margarets Church of Antioch - Sept 2017 has an improvised coda of Lisen’s looped voices that thankfully was captured. Featuring Lisen Rylander Löve - Voices, Electronics. Luca Calabrese - Trumpet, Electronics. RB - Synthesisers, Keyboards.
The Backing Track contained Percussion Programming and Bass Synthesisers by RB.

4. ANTIOCH (5:01)
Recorded live at St Margarets Church of Antioch - Sept 2017
was a piece I prepared before the concert to be used as a backdrop for Lisen and Luca to improvise over. I also liked the idea of writing something just for that occasion. I let the track run and left the stage to Lisen Rylander Löve - Saxophone. Luca Calabrese - Trumpet.

5. HYPNOTEK (9:32)
Recorded live at St Margarets Church of Antioch - Sept 2017
has been played at all my solo concerts to date and each time we try to give it a different feel. This one is the best version so far in my opinion. Lisen Rylander Löve - Saxophone, Kalimba, Electronics. Luca Calabrese - Trumpet. RB - Synthesisers, Keyboards. The Backing Track contained Programmed Percussion, Bass Synthesisers and Textures by RB.

All tracks written and produced by Richard Barbieri and published by Orange Asylum Music. Administered by Universal Music Publishing Group.

Mastered by Lee Fletcher (Unsung Productions)
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Re: Second Variants

Postby Blemished on Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:06 pm

Thanks for highlighting. Looking forward to getting this. Enjoying the Hypnotek version that's been released first.
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