Things Buried pre-master re-release

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Things Buried pre-master re-release

Postby Blemished on Sun Sep 06, 2020 9:02 am

Richard has re-released Things Buried on bandcamp. The tracks here are the original mixes completed by Richard with David Wrench. As explained in release notes below, Richard wasn't happy with the aggressive mastering used originally, and has recently found the original pre-masters.

"These are the 2004 David Wrench / Richard Barbieri 24bit mixes prior to mastering.

The actual mastering process was very poorly executed and over-compressed to the point of flatlining the audio. I had hoped to remaster this album which has now had a few editions but could never locate the mixes until very recently. So while I’ve missed the bus as regards cd and vinyl releases, I’m taking the opportunity to make these available to those who wish to listen in higher resolution and without the harsh compression process that was so fashionable a decade or two ago.

Listening now to these mixes I can tell that I wasn’t separating the instrumentation and filling the stereo spectrum adequately. I improved significantly with my recordings after this. Nevertheless I’m happier with the un-mastered results than I am with the official releases.

For those who have the software - feel free to master these files to your taste. Send me an example :)

Thanks for continuing to support the music.

Richard Barbieri

released August 31, 2020"
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