Richard Barbieri interview on 2-Up Top

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Richard Barbieri interview on 2-Up Top

Postby inkinthewell on Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:28 pm

Here's a link to a very enjoyable interview.

Reunion: "Since our motivation was neither money nor fame, we were free to concentrate on music outside of the commercial norm and probably people respected that. Since then, reluctance to reform for financial reasons or get mixed up in any 80's nostalgia events has kept the credibility."
Split-up: "If you asked each member of the band why that happened you would get a different answer from each person. Without doubt problems between David and Mick came to a head. Ego, rivalry, girlfriend, personal ambitions, musical differences etc....Take your pick. In nearly every band or group of people there will be some who are more self interested and personally ambitious than others. Some may be happy to be a part of the whole and work for the common cause."
Mick: "He's back in London now and living very near the hospital where he is receiving treatment. Despite his serious condition he remains positive and wants to make some new music."
Solo career: "There is going to be a reissue of the first album "Things Buried" out on K-Scope early next year. It will come with a bonus cd of new material, live tracks and a cover version of Japan's "Experience of Swimming" and Porcupine Tree's "Idiot Prayer"."
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