Lost & Found In Translation!

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Lost & Found In Translation!

Postby Silver Moon on Tue Nov 28, 2006 9:08 am

Alright... I'm at school now but I just recieved my translation of "Japan Photo Story" back from my friend...

She wasn't able to translate the entire thing, but she has translated the picture captions & the interview with David Sylvian.

... Check back on this thread later tonight (11/28) for the translation!

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Postby krausy on Tue Nov 28, 2006 11:26 am


Can't wait!!!!!
Check it out!!!!
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Postby Silver Moon on Thu Nov 30, 2006 10:16 pm


Pg 4: A beautiful revolution

- 4 years of chasing after Japan. These boys from back alleys go through brilliant changes every year, and are now English Gentlemen. This is the footsteps taken over the past 4 years in order to find deeper, more meaningful "art"...

- 1978 Early Spring: Japan Debut

- They suddenly appeared as the young strangers of the world of rock. Revolt, Beauty, Violent - these words surrounded them.

Pg. 5:

- Their picture from their first music concert. Right before their debut.

- On stage when they debuted. They could only perform in small clubs such as these.

- Sylvian and Jansen right after their debut album was released. Their bracelets were their trademark.

- At New York on their first promotion tour in America with a pinball machine...

Pg. 6: 1978 December London

- Caught Japan @ first days visit in London. Japan was already well-known in Japan.

- Richard was very dark, especially around the eyes.

- Mysterious yet beautiful - David Sylvian.

Pg. 7:

- Steve was still young and slightly immature.

- David's good partner, Mick. Just shaved his eyebrows.

Pg. 8: 1979 First Visit to Japan

- On a warm day in March, Japan set foot on Japan for the first time. it was obvious that they were excited.

- David shows a beautiful smile.

Pg. 9:

- Meeting before the concert

- Steve waits to perform in the concert

- The members weren't interested in flashy tourist sites, shrines, or the Buddha. They found interest in the small narrow streets of Japan.

- Mick Karn stands by himself at the fishermen's pier.

Pg. 10: 1979 Fall London

- They announced "Quiet Life," and showed their improvement in music. Around this time their home country began to accept them.

- Richard seems relaxed.

- The large stadium for the concert was sold out of tickets.

- By cutting their hair, Japan erased their old image and opened a new path to the future.

Pg. 11: 1980 - 2nd Visit:

- After making great improvements in music, they returned to Japan for a second time. Their faces were full of confidence.

- Mick Karn impresses the audience.

- David came up with his own styles as a vocalist.

Pg. 12: 1981 - 3rd Visit:

- Japan improved even more. Around this time, they had the greatest popularity and power in England.

- Their mental and musical maturity can be seen.

Pg. 13: 1980 December London

- At Mick's art show in London.

- 1981 June - The opening party for the restaurant, Opened by Mick and a Japanese Woman called "Penguin Cafe."

Pg. 14: 1982 Tokyo:

- A momentary break for the band. The members all come to Japan for their personal purposes. They were to come for a concert in December. At London, Mick and Steve prepared for solo projects.

- In January, Steve, Mick, and Richard came for the "Japan, The Art Of Parries" presentation. David was sick and couldn't show up.

Pg. 15:

- David visited Japan by himself in April. He mentions about brining the band together again.

Pg. 16:

- In June, Steve comes to participate in Yukihiro Takahashi Tour.

- David comes back to Japan to visit. he sees Steve again who was still participating in the tour, August.

Pg. 35: March 1979:

- First visit to Japan. The Spring breeze brought new excitement to us all. 4 years since then, they grew greater every year and never ceased to amaze us. Japan in Japan - The memorable scene once again.

Pg. 36: 1979 March:

- Japan visited on March 9, Friday. Fukuoka prefecture that day was a little cloudy. "We don't want to see tourist areas." They said and walked to the bay area. There, they found the "Streetcorners of Japan" that they wanted to see.

- The wind was cold even though it was Spring. Steve still had the face of a young boy.

Pg. 37:

- David walked along the shore slowly, stopping every-so-often to listen to the waves.

- Mick stared into the ocean with his bright red hair down to his shoulders.

- Richard spaces out as he gazes into the water at the pier with the wind blowing at him.

Pg. 38: Japan Concert in 1979:

- First concert in Japan, the first time in the Budokan (Famous Japan Concert and Arena)... The band seems nervous. They still weren't as poplar, but their silent violence left a great impact in our hearts...

Pg. 40: March 1980 Osaka:

- They found some time off during their stay in Osaka and went looking around on a sunny spring day. During the year, they seem to have gained more confidence.

Pg. 42: Japan in Concert 1980:

- Compared to the previous year, Japan appeared in ther concert with a much more sophisticated look. The first time songs were completely rearranged with the help of the pro sax player, Jane Shorter. This European mood showed much beauty to the audience.

pg. 44: February 1981, Kyoto:

- The February wind was freezing cold, but it is hard to tell because they were there. As they are seen through the misty fog, they change the coldness in the air with their warm smiles..

Pg. 66: Concert 1981:

- Japan brings sensation themes into their album presentations. As they sing their songs, their techniques intrigues the whole audience to cheers.

Pg. 67: 1982 January, Tokyo:

- Mick, Steve, and Richard visit Tokyo in it's early Spring, when the wind is still cold.

Pg. 68: April, June, August

- David visits Japan with his girlfriend. In June, Steve Comes to participate in Yukihiro Takahashis tour, as David leaves to London and returns in August to meet up with Steve.

Pg. 73: David Sylvian:

- (78) Even before debut, he was well-known among people in Japan.

- (79) People call him the most beautiful man.

- (80, London) He deepened his friendship with Ryuichi Sakamoto at the recording studio.

- (81, Japan) He expresses himself fully in his vocal performance.

Pg. 74: Mick Karn:

- "I'll dye my hair the color of my feelings" ... So red for passion.

- (78, London) First Time Recording.

- (78) Everything about America was shocking to them

- (81) He amazes the audience off stage.

Pg. 77: Richard Barbieri:

- (79) His Black lipstick looked amazing on him...

Pg. 78: Steve Jansen:

- (79) Many women fell in love with this frail-looking young man.

- (78) All three represent Japan together

- (81) His role as a drummer was taken close - up.

Pg. 80:

- On stage, Europe, England, Bangkok, hong Kong... Everywhere they went, they amazed the audience, and took themselves a step closer to completely opening the door to the world.

Pg. 82:

- Richard relaxes with a cigarette.

- As the nervous tension builds, his profile of a 24 year old beauty is in the mirror.

- Steve helps Mick decide on his hair style.

- Off stage, when they return to being themselves.

Pg. 84: Rehearsal, Nervousness:

- The band relaxes after they get over the nervous phase.

- David checks the equipment before performing.

Pg. 86:

- Mick and Steve meet to sort out rhythmical problems.

- The Xylophone instructor adds a new touch to their music.

- Tsuchiya polishes his favorite guitar.

Pg. 67: 1978 London:

- Japan wasn't so famous at the time, but the ML reporters followed them and took pictures as little children gave weird looks.

- 1978, Japan has a drinking party between photo-sessions; at this time they were always together and did everything together.

Pg. 68: 1978 Summer:

- recording their 2nd album. After the nervous recording session, the playbacks are fun as David points out the problems to the engineer and Mick laughs at them.

Pg. 71: March 1979:

- First visit to Japan, many hand made dolls were given to them. David comments that they're cute, while Mick exclaims that the doll has the same hair color as he does. Their dolls were placed in front of the drum set before the concert.

pg. 72: March 1979:

- As Japan went for a walk, they encounter a dog chained to the pole, and they befriend him. The kind faces of the 5 were seen then.

Pg. 73: March 1979:

- The band meets a boy named Ushimarta. He seems interested in the bus the band rode, and quickly becomes friends as David picks him up and holds him.

Pg. 74:

- For the band, it took skill to evacuate from the large crowd of reporters and fans. They had to try to hide as much as possible to travel around.

Pg. 75: March 1980:

- 2nd visit, They visit the remains of an old house and wander around. Mick finds a branch and begins swordfighting with David. It is unknown if they had any previous experience with swords, but Mick won.

Pg. 77: March 1980:

- The night before they return to London, they go eat dinner and began to play the telephone game with the walkie talkies that the promotion staff used. They seemed to have a great time.


This is all of the picture captions. I'm sorry that I don't have more to provide, it turns out the interview wasn't completed after all!

But the captions are still very interesting.


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Postby krausy on Thu Nov 30, 2006 10:54 pm

Very interesting----thanks for that!!!!
Check it out!!!!
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Postby godisinthesilences on Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:03 am

thank you girl.... fanbloodytastic!
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Postby lastgoldstar on Fri Dec 08, 2006 8:09 pm

Thank you!
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