February 23rd Mr. Sylvian's Birthday - News Flash-News Flash

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February 23rd Mr. Sylvian's Birthday - News Flash-News Flash

Postby Nabiky B. on Sun Feb 03, 2008 6:07 pm

Hi Everyone! ...
This is Nabiky B.
that want to telling you something
I get news for you All ...
You know that February is a very special months to all ...
the 23rd of February is just around the corner.
For it got (actually the idea was from a
friend of mine name Modesto Muñiz and mine )
We got an idea .....!!!!!
Tell to all our friends that like and love the Music of
Mr. Sylvian send the same birthday message to Samadhisound at
My Space this day ....For what???? for showing HIM how much and how many people are the SYLVIAN's Family ... maybe we could join many people doing the same ... otherwiswe it could be the
perfect moment for telling Him how many beautiful, niece &
Lovely people we have known over all these years,
you know some very good Friends,
it would be a niece Gift to Mr.Sylvian to show HIM how much
important in our lives he has been and he is .

This is the message :


Dear David:

Let us first say that whatever we may give you as birthday presents are nothing compared to what you deserve,

May your life be filled with joy and love as you have filled ours with the beautiful work that you have shared with us!

and thanks for connnecting us to the nice and good people we have known here because of you,


Love and appreciation always!


This is the message that everyone must to copy and paste
of course everyone MUST to put some personal thoughts,
Her/His name and anything that everyone want to.

i hope by heart that you ALL would want to join us to do this for
MR. SYLVIAN and please share it with your
Sylvianist's friends and they with their friends ....etc
Have a niece week,
Nabiky B.

Ps:for any question please let me know it at:

www.myspace.com/NABIKYFROMOUTERSPACE -or-


Thank you All!
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Nabiky B.

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Postby Silver Moon on Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:31 am

Hi Miss Nabiky!

That is a good idea--And a very nice message written straight from the heart. :)

Personally, I think that everyone who wants to should post their own messages, though. ... I think that it would be more heartfelt/meaningful if Mr. Sylvian recieved his own special message from each person on his birthday rather than the same message from everyone... That way, he can appreciete your message alone for what it is! :)

I hope that you understand what I mean! I too am very happy for his birthday coming up so soon!

Silver Moon
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