New release with Twinkle³

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New release with Twinkle³

Postby silentwings on Fri Oct 21, 2022 12:14 pm

Upon This Fleeting Dream is a new release by Twinkle³ featuring David Sylvian & Kazuko Hohki.

Sylvian features on 7 of the 10 tracks reading short Japanese poems in English translation. Renditions of the poetry in the original Japanese are given by Kazuko Hohki.

Twinkle³ is a trio including Clive Bell who is a virtuoso player of Eastern wind instruments including the shakuhachi. The woody sound of his playing permeates the album, set against the modular synths of David Ross and Richard Scott. Bell has previously appeared on The Dolphin Brothers album Catch the Fall, JBK's _ism and Sylvian's When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima.

I interviewed Clive Bell to find out more about the project and the poetry that is recited by Sylvian & Hohki.

The article can be found here, with links to bandcamp in the footnotes where the full album is now available for download, with the vinyl available for pre-order: ... sty-night/
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