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Postby javier on Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:41 am

As always, a very good article. Thanks, Silentwings.

I always felt the Masakatsu Takagi thing didn't gel. Probably because Masakatsu, as you mention in the article, had no knowledge of Sylvian nor his work before the collaboration. It was destined to be an experiment which IMHO failed.

I remember watching the concert, thinking that the visuals were really mismatched to the music. Whenever there were any thematic matches, they seemed forced/obvious/thin.

Not to slag off Masakatsu, as he certainly has a distinctive style which has attracted many fans, but to me throwing a naive Japanese 23 year-old in with the likes of Sylvian was really a long shot. Perhaps it was an attempt to bring opposites together: opposite culture, opposite musical style, opposite depth of life experience etc.

But to me it just seemed terribly random and unsuccessful.
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