Fancy seeing you here - random Japan

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Fancy seeing you here - random Japan

Postby tallulahtaurus on Thu Mar 15, 2007 12:44 pm

I have found Japan in some random places over the past few weeks.

Firstly I frequent a lot of karaoke places and I was pleased to see that the Japan version of I Second that Emotion made it's way into the book...I think I'm gonna sing that next you guys dare me to??

I loved finding it, it made my night, my friends were scared they don't know who Japan are otherwise they'd be happy too...

Oh and
You guys will be happy to know that they made it into Viz again last brother reads it and he shrieked Japan are in my Viz....

It was sending up that recent cargo ship spillage (somewhere in the UK I can't remember where) where the residents of the town went out looting the stuff that washed up on shore despite the fact that it was likely contaminated with dangerous waste products.

Except instead of washed up items the contents of the ship were Eighties pop stars the main focus was Duran Duran and the headline was something like Duran Duran washed up....hur hur do you geddit??

There was much talk in the rest of this thing of a sea water soiled David Sylvian going for a lot of money on ebay and other such nonsense - and Japan were mentioned too... I am ashamed to say I laughed...but mostly because I am still overjoyed at the thought of any mention of Japan rather than it actually being funny.

If anyone wants it I will try to dig the copy out and type it up...
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