Digital download of "Dead Bees..." - why?

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Digital download of "Dead Bees..." - why?

Postby javier on Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:26 am

Re: ... =3&theater

David announcing the new digital download of "Dead Bees..." raises a few questions.

I understand that the vinyl release could have some demand, as some listeners really like vinyl and the material hasn't previously been available that way.

But when it comes to a digital download, isn't this exactly the same material that's been available for decades? Anyone who previously bought a CD or mp3s of "Dead Bees..." and E&N has it. On this basis, why would anyone buy this new download?

I'm not knocking David at all - I hope he continues to earn good money from his back catalog for the rest of his days. But to be announcing this as if it's something new and effectively saying "the digital download of the new vinyl format version of DBoaC" does seem a bit meaningless...
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