The Good Son ... in album-cover book "Album Art"

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The Good Son ... in album-cover book "Album Art"

Postby Quiet Visitor on Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:46 pm

David's "The Good Son vs The Only Daughter - The Blemish Remixes" is one of the many album-covers collected in the new book "Album Art : New Music Graphics" by John Foster (Thames & Hudson, 2018). In the chapter "Chris Bigg: The Student Becomes The Teacher" Biggs tells the following:

"My working relationship with David Sylvian is a special one. David brings the images to the projects, and I am left to work on the typography. He is very open to experimenting with layout and gives such clear and constructive feedback. For this project Sylvian brought the work of Atsushi Fukui, wich is always such a pleasure to work woth. It was indeed a challenge to work with such a long title, but I feel the outcome has a delicate feel that relates to the delicate details within the recordings.
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