2000 - songs that were re-recorded vocally

From Brilliant Trees through Died In The Wool...

2000 - songs that were re-recorded vocally

Postby JDW on Wed Sep 02, 2015 2:58 pm

Hi, just a question about the songs that appeared on Everything and Nothing and the remixes around that period. I know of two that were re-done. 1 is obvious and that's Ghosts then there's another one Brilliant Trees and I'm wondering does anybody know if these are the only two?

It says a few others are remixes for example Weathered Wall but the differences are really unnoticeable apart from the vocals being more upfront than the instruments. So can anyone confirm these are the only two and perhaps point to any other remixes that are re-done vocally but aren't mentioned in the credits instead just state their remixes. Would mean a lot, thanks.

EDIT: Also, are the remixes of Plight + Premonition/Flux + Mutability quite different to the originals or is it just more of a remastering job and a few tiny changes to details of instruments?
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